Moon Tales

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This book approaches the theme of climate emergency without shying away from the severity of the problem in our hands. 

Moon Tales aims to motivate children to take an active role in being part of the solution of a global issue.


Moon Tales is a children’s book that tells the stories of planet earth from the perspective of the moon.
Stella is a little girl who every night before going to sleep flies her ship up into space to hear one of the many stories the moon keeps in her big library.

Stella learns about the changes Earth has gone through as well as different species and their evolutions. But one night, something doesn't seem right. The moon is quieter and turns her face away from earth.

Why is the moon sad?

Since a young age I have been fascinated about space and in particular about the Moon. I used to dream about becoming an astronaut and one day visiting it, and in some way through illustration I have. From my memories as a child, I started crafting a plot about a little girl that could talk to the moon. I imagined she would have so many amazing tales to tell about the changes our planet has gone through and all the species that have inhabited it.
But as I wrote from the perspective of the moon, I came to realise she would also have some unhappy stories to tell. She would also have seen the last species to come through the planet cause the biggest destruction and put life at risk. This took the direction of the book into a comment on the environmental crisis our planet is going through, from the perspective of a character who is looking from the outside, yet completely in love with a planet she was once part of.

At the end of the book, I created a section of little behaviours children can take on to help the planet. Some of the items on this illustrated list are simple things the child can do on their own, such as “Making a poster about it”, “Telling a friend”, while some require the involvement of an adult, like ”Starting a compost bucket” or "Choosing to take the bus to school instead of the car”. The climate emergency issue can often be so overwhelming that taking action on small scale can feel unrewarding. This book shows children the power they hold in their everyday choices.

A conversation with the moon puts in perspective our life on Earth in the big scheme of time and provides an opportunity to reflect on the permanent footprint we create during the lifespan of our species.

© Ema Ferreira


© Ema Ferreira