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The Enclosures Book

Visual essay about the process of moving from feudalism to capitalism in the 16th century and how that led to the enslavement of women under unpaid social and domestic labour.


was the process of enclosure of the communal lands (for farming/hunting/cooking) by the capitalists.

A phenomenon that ended the feudal system in the 16th century and that led to the exodus of families from the countryside to the cities in search of a way to survive.

In the cities, the new industrial factories owned by capitalists took advantage of the underpaid workers who no longer had the means to sustain themselves or their families and were therefore dependent on the capitalist system.


became an expected responsibility of woman as a consequence of the new social structure in the cities in the 16th century.

Since the woman wasn’t allowed to work, she would stay home and take care of the house and children.

The fulltime job of cleaning, cooking and having children is expected for free women.
The job of social reproduction is invisible, unrecognised, unpaid labour that has historically fallen on woman’s shoulders.